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TikTok ads for the dating app Hinge almost universally use faux testimonials and direct address videos with text overlays that look like entirely native content. These ads appeal to users seeking validation, trendiness, and authenticity. Snap Inc. reported 319M daily active Snapchat users for Q4 2021, and a record-breaking revenue high of $1.3 billion, showing their investments in creator features are paying off. Since Spotlight’s debut in early 2021, Snap has paid out over $250M to over 12K Spotlight creators throughout the year, marking a strong entrance into the UGC market. The company continues to highlight and expand UGC capabilities and opportunities.

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Each ad concept model supports ideas for each app category by pairing current creative trends with proven user motivations. As social platforms increase streaming and interactive video capabilities, audience engagement with UGC only increases. Meta has captured a sizable portion of the game streaming market through Facebook Gaming, launched in 2018. More recently, Tiktok announced its own Live Studio platform, hoping to use the platform’s explosive growth to compete with streaming giants like Twitch and YouTube. Each social platform incorporates game streaming in its own way, unique to its brand and user interface. This is equally true for marketers; ads should be specifically tailored to the environment according to the platform’s expected behaviors.

Battle Royale games focus on a last-man-standing player vs. player mode. These games often feature open maps with drivable vehicles and little to no power progression. Lack of power progression means that the games monetize mainly through cosmetics and thus rely on a murderous content treadmill of visual exciting seasons. The treadmill that only the largest studios in the world can sustain. Battle Royale focuses on a last-man-standing player vs. player Battle Royale mode, often featuring drivable vehicles and little to no power progression. This genre generates 75% of all shooter revenues – and if we would allocate Call of Duty Mobile under Battle Royale instead of Tactical Shooters, Battle Royale would be closer to 90% of all revenues.

Thanks to the art style, fun narrative, and easy to approach features, the audience is female-dominated which is uncommon in the Squad RPG sub-genre. Squad RPG games make up one of the biggest sub-genres on mobile in terms of revenues. They are accessible through a compelling setting, automated gameplay, an endless stream of rewards the player receives during the first week of gameplay. Most importantly, though, collecting teams of heroes leads to an incredible spending depth.

We’ve been a fully-remote company since our inception in 2013 and started hiring internationally within our second year of doing business. Now, over half of our workforce is working remotely outside of the United States, with a third of our team based in Latin America. For over seven years, our team has worked seamlessly across time zones and cultures to produce the exceptional work we are known for.

Innovation in game development, the economics of making games profitable, and the downward, decadent spiral of former great gaming companies fuels his soul to write daily. Will Blizzard Entertainment do something controversial often enough to keep this reference relevant? But for most players, there’s more than enough going on to provide a very enjoyable experience without spending anything. For most new players, however, just summoning new characters though the portal, which requires the collection of shards, is exciting enough.

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The reason for this is that the publisher knows the audience for a sequel. This de-risks projects in the post-IDFA world where finding your expensive RPG audience can be a cost too large to bear. Correct, Puzzle Combat launched globally on April 2021, a few months after our prediction.

The entire matrix is tailored to a respective ad network and operating system constraints. Research from CreatorIQ has shown that two out of every three brands have increased their budgets for creator campaigns, with 96% of brands and 88% of influencers regularly using Instagram Stories. Influencer marketing as a sector is expected to increase by 19% over 2022, reaching $16.4 billion. According to a survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, 77% of marketers replied they would set aside an influencer marketing budget in 2022 to capitalize on this rising trend. Of those planning to do so, 68% also claimed they would further increase the budget over the next year, with a majority of them committing to 10-30% of their overall marketing budget.

  • When identifying your target audience, you should also take demographics like location and age into consideration.
  • Video game retailers responded first to increased gaming time, reports The Drum.
  • Wooga wanted to highlight their dramatic relationship-driven storyline, diverse characters, and magical gameplay.
  • Since hardcore gamers are so invested in the mobile games they play, they’re willing to spend money to acquire in-game content necessary for faster progress.
  • When advertising an action mobile game on Facebook, it’s best to go with the Mobile App Ads Campaign.
  • The game is really indeed a high quality game and can see how much efforts were poured into it.

Before we get into the specifics of how you can plan and manage integrated marketing campaigns for your game, let’s talk about why they’re so important. The gaming sector is more competitive than ever, with thousands of new products vying for audience attention. Generating awareness, hype, and promise can lead to a successful product launch, but that’s only part of the battle. As mobile game adoption grows, you can now target very diverse audiences that were once not reachable outside of traditional advertising channels.

Offering your players high-value rewards can keep them engaged for a longer period of time, incentivizing them to come back and continue playing your game. Feeding the reward loop is both an art and a science that requires testing. Rewarding players with in-game currency for interacting with ads can show users the value of in-app purchases without committing to anything besides watching an ad. Ultimately, it utilizes the foot-in-the-door technique, or getting a prospect to agree to do something small to increase the likelihood of getting them to accept a bigger task. Indeed, several of Aristocrat’s top creatives prominently feature popular YouTube gamers playing or reacting to the game.

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The model also acts as an archive of knowledge to ensure we are always optimizing what we’ve learned. You’ve thought about what you want to happen, who it’s happening with, and now it’s time to visualize it. A storyboard ensures the whole production team understands the expectations and acts as a tool for collaboration. It also reveals inconsistencies or missed opportunities, and ultimately helps keep everyone focused on the same goal. Our storyboard for Wooga’s Switchcraft is below and you can read the full case study here.

There is almost no change in Survival games comparing YoY, no new entrants or replacements in the Top 10. NetEase increased its publisher share with Identity V and LifeAfter while Last Day on Earth and Raft Survival is still pushing to the top in Western Markets. Another release of the year was Puzzle Combat, Zynga’s follow-up on Puzzle RPGs after the huge success of Empires & Puzzles. After challenging 2 years in soft launch, the game was finally released globally in April 2021.

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UGC on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram is driving profitable UA across all app categories and presents a massive opportunity for marketers. From micro-influencers and reaction videos to captions and meta-commentary, UGC ads across social networks— and on TikTok in particular— are a critical part of any successful growth marketing strategy. Our industry expertise comes from managing over $3.5 billion in creative and paid social spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and performance advertisers. Some of these advertisers include Glu, Roblox, Wooga, Zynga, and Skillz.

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You can have the perfect objectives with the budget to match, but coordination between your teams will make or break your execution. As marketing and PR teams begin establishing goals, ensure that top-level priorities align. For example, if your top priority is to drive game downloads, your team’s PR strategy should focus on verticals that support downloads through third-party sites. It’s useful to look at influencer marketing’s relationship with PR as complementary, opposed to something that completely revolutionizes it. You shouldn’t neglect your established, traditional PR strategies if they work for you, but they’re naturally reliant on significant news around your game.

Every time the game is opened, three advertisements to spend real money pop up (raging from anywhere from $2 to $50). Graphically, “Raid” is quite nice, with detailed character models and animations that set it apart from its competitors. And like all gacha games, it’s free, with microtransactions available. If you’re new to auto-battlers, a fan-generated genre that skyrocketed into popularity last year, they are tactical strategy games with drafting elements from card games. Players fight each other in random one-vs.-one matches by placing drafted units onto a “chessboard,” and when the round starts, the two teams of units fight one another automatically.

With Xsolla you can easily launch your own cross-platform player account system Let your players stay connected and engaged no matter which platform they play on. The money you save on platform fees will go directly into further improving and growing your games. Can be used in an interactive marketing plan or to drive user engagement. Once you get your potential student enrollment leads talking about your university client, they’ll create the user-generated content and hopefully viral content and the rest is digital marketing history. Success in sports naturally draws attention to any school, not so much with academics. However, industry leaders are aware of successful alumni from ten years prior who attended the school.

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If you have several titles published, you can advertise your mobile RPG inside your other mobile games. Finally, you need to create multiple variations of your video ads – 2 or 3 won’t cut it. Then you test them and analyze which ones got you the most users. Once you weed raid: shadow legends advertising budget out the video ads that don’t convert and create even more variations of the ones that do work, you’ll have a tried and true recipe for creating effective video ads. Mid-core gamers are also very skilled, but they don’t spend as much time playing as hardcore gamers do.

The bottom 25% of RPGs barely get any revenue per daily active user. Average revenue per daily active user for the top 2% of RPGs ranged between $2.52 and $3.30. For the median 50% of games, it was half that, ranging from 5 minutes and 57 seconds to 6 minutes and 49 seconds. Average session length is another important statistic, and it tells you how long users play a game. It is measured from the moment when the user opens the game to when the session is closed.

They released the game on PC & Mac with Plarium Play, a free service where players can access different Plarium titles. The evolution of the Battle Royale genre is skewing towards extraction gameplay, where players enter the level to collect loot and get out before they are killed. What makes these extraction shooters exciting is that if the player is killed, they will not only lose all the loot they’ve collected but also all the equipment they’ve on them when entering the level. Ever since the rise of Machine Zone, 4X games are known for over-the-top campaigns with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Conor McGregor at the forefront promoting the games. Since the IDFA-deprecation, the role of wide appeal has further increased. Top titles regularly integrate known Hollywood IPs and/or invest into brand building.

raid: shadow legends advertising budget

The smartphone screens have grown significantly over the years making games with touch-control d-pad the norm and thus Sniper games obsolete. Overall, the downloads in the Shooter genre declined during 2021 by a whopping 27% from 2.6B to just under 2B. At the same time, the revenues continued to soar, reaching 2.4B, which is 14% more than in 2020.

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It’s easy to conjure up hyper-ambitious objectives, and you should be challenging yourself to meet them, but you also need to be realistic when it comes to budgeting. Your brand can leverage detailed analytics, including sector, job title, company size, age, and location. You can then tie that in perfectly with a PR piece on your game, significantly increasing your chances of finding audiences receptive to your content.

Identifying growing streams, like Hikaru’s, may be exactly what Auto Chess needs to propel its viewership higher. Hype Factory is a full-service influencer marketing platform producing data-driven marketing campaigns using in-house AI solutions. Our ad concept matrix supports over 30 creative concepts for healthcare apps by pairing seven trends with five user motivations.

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Superb video ads are vital for advertising action mobile games and getting more users. They’re visually appealing and have the ability to draw people’s attention right away. Genshin employs the tried-and-true mechanics of the stamina-based progression and the cycling of time-limited content, typical of free-to-play mobile games. With the stamina system in place, players can play the game in short bursts every day, unless they choose to pay.

They may not look like much, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The technical expertise to run these strategy MMOs combined with live service excellence is something only a handful of studios can do successfully. In this analysis, data from China, Korea, and Japan are excluded as this analysis focuses on Western markets only. This is because we don’t want to reduce the actionability of the data with games that succeed massively in what can be described as closed domestic markets.

Remember that you always need to tell the audience what to do – direct them to take the desired action. We see gameplay footage of Brawl Stars’ epic battles, and we also get introduced to some of the characters. What’s instantly clear when you look at any Brawl Stars video ad is its high-production value. Granted, that level of video production is probably unattainable for a lot of developers. However, there are still some great lessons to be learned from Brawl Stars video ads. If you don’t upload a video, Google will create a video using assets from your app store listings page.