Straight Bar Deadlift weighted oblique crunches Versus Hex Bar Deadlift

Jim is a proud Dad, strength coach, and entrepreneur. Jim is regularly featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and weighted oblique crunches Muscle & Fitness. For more novice or regular lifters, I always recommend taking an opportunity to develop more stability and maintain tension by controlling the lowering phase of the lift. Also, an alternated grip isn’t a great option for many lifters.

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I am not sure I would do the Jefferson lift but I normally make everyone learn all the rest and do single leg and single arm variations as well. Last week we hashed out our thoughts on squat variations. Keep your same squat, and now pick a deadlift that you like that compliments the squat. It’s easily arguable that the deadlift is the best exercise is existence.

  • Pay close attention to your set up and the first pulling phase.
  • Conventional deadlifts and stiff-legged deadlifts are both lower-body compound exercises, meaning they work multiple muscle groups and joints.
  • Benjamin Franklin might not have had deadlifting in mind when he said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but he might as well have.
  • This will also help you keep your hips and knees at the correct angle and concentrate the work in your glutes.

A more efficient lift will allow you to train with greater intensity, frequency, and volume – all which have a direct impact on strength gains and muscle growth. With both stances, the bar should move in as straight a line as possible from the floor directly up to the hips. Any deviation from this path will impede performance. The sumo stance places the trunk in a much more upright position and also alters the position of the thighs . The sumo involves a much wider stance than the conventional which significantly changes the biomechanics of the exercise. A recent study found that the rate of activation of the vastus medialis and lateralis were greater during a sumo deadlift.

But hold on, what tends to happen when leg strength becomes the limiting factor in a deadlift? The back rounds until leverage improves enough for the bar to leave the floor. That’s right; even for long armed lifters, usually the back will end up rounding anyways. The only difference for longer armed lifters is that, instead of the back rounding due to its own weakness, it rounds to offset the weakness of the legs. Because of this fact, longer armed lifters generally have more success “unrounding” at the top.

Muscles Worked In The Deadlift

From there, you can progressively increase the load. To scale down, don’t reach the dumbbells as far down your leg. To make it more difficult, change your foot position to a staggered stance and, eventually, try a single-leg deadlift.

Barbell Drag Curl

This allows more clearance for the knees to pass “through” the bar. This is very helpful for both the handgrip and the lifter’s hips. The trap bar deadlift allows for greater amounts of peak force production meaning it can be performed more powerfully.

Part 2 Of 3:raising The Bar

Now, let’s look at the science behind the sumo deadlift and what muscles you are targeting here. The sumo deadlift is one of my personal favorite variations of the deadlift. If you’re looking to really tighten up your lower back or gain a lot of grip strength, then this is a great variation of the deadlift to help accomplish that. As you can see, aside from your arms, shoulders, and lats, the standard deadlift is pretty much a full body workout. When the bar gets past your knees and your arms are straight, rest it against your thighs while keeping a straight back.

For one reason or another, some people lack the mobility needed to get into a proper starting position for the deadlift. In that case, they either have to compensate with spinal flexion or to deadlift the bar from a higher position . While people who want to compete in powerlifting do need to train the barbell version of the deadlift, most of us who want to get jacked and strong have more options. And this is why we need to look at the benefits of a given exercise and make a decision. Some of the research suggests that most people can lift a bit more weight with a trap bar compared to a regular barbell .

Increase the weights in a pyramid fashion during your workout. E.g., go from 6–10 reps at 60% of 1RM, up to 1+ reps at 90%, and back down to 60% again. That way, you’ll get some practice at heavier weights while still getting a good amount of volume in. There are several rep and loading strategies that work, as long as you heed the principle of specificity (i.e. lifting heavy every once in a while) and progressive overload (e.g. adding weight or reps).

Muscles Used By The Deficit Deadlift

The conventional deadlift keeps more tension on the hamstrings, especially the way I tend to deadlift – with high hips. Mike Boyle likes the rear foot elevated split squat and the trap bar deadlift. I can very much appreciate this combination for its emphasis on safety.