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Free Broken Window Overlay. When combined with other textures, they make a very useful addition to Photoshop. Cracked glass overlays have become extremely popular additions to Photoshop, providing a fresh dimension of color depth to your photos. They can significantly improve the final photos by adding depth to your images.

Many professional and amateur photographers are using the broken glass effect in their photos. A broken window can transform an ordinary or boring scene into something completely new. These textures have become quite popular, particularly in photos taken at night. They can be used to give your landscape an eerie blue tint or to add some charm to your front porch. A cracked texture on an image in black and white creates a striking effect that makes your photo stand out.

They are typically used to add depth to a scene. Like all aspects of Photoshop, there is no limit to the areas where you can experiment. One way to create the broken glass effect is to open the Photoshop’s ‘Brushes’ palette then click on’NEW GESTURE’. In the new selection area, click on’dashed glass’. Enter the model number of the broken window you’d like to use as a backdrop for your photoshop actions. Click OK.

A simple way to add the broken glass effect to your photo is to select a specific area first glass overlay photoshop using the mouse, and then fill in the selected areas with black. After that, you can click on the “Free Transform’ command from the painting pallet, to create a pattern from your original image. To alter the selection you can click on the Free Transform’ button again. Fill the entire image with white. Utilize the pen tool to modify the free shape from the square shape to a triangle, then to straight lines.

You can also add cracks to your texture by selecting an area first with the mouse and then filling the entire area with white. You can continue doing this until you have used all the shades of white. Continue clicking on the “Free Transform” command until you’re finished. This creates a free form effect using broken glass in Photoshop that you can further modify by changing the size, position and color.

It is a good idea for your altered glass patterns to be saved as a group of high-quality images in the Photoshop Gallery. You can then use these images in any type of glass cutting project including scrap glass creation as well as stained glass projects. This will help you create an individual look each time you wish. By using broken glass overlays in Photoshop actions can help you create stunning glass pieces that you can display and show to other people.